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A Chinese contemporary art master.

Zhang was born in 1943 in Jiangyou, Sichuan Province. He is now a member of Chinese Artists Association, standing committee at Chinese Society of Arts, vice-president of Sichuan Gong-bi Society, honorary president of Chengdu Contemporary Gongbi Society, counsellor at Chengdu Artists Association, director of Academic Committee of Chengdu National Painting House and also the vice-president there. Head of Sichuan Mohua Art Research Center, head of Chengdu Portrait Society, visiting professor at Chinese Online Education Center, a researcher at Chinese Art Society, special researcher at Sichuan Poetry painting and calligraphy institute. His works are very powerful at expressing Chinese style, because not only his portrait but also his landscape paintings put an emphasis on the combination of life and art. He especially put a highlight on traditional and modern compositions, in which he illustrates the deeper meaning of concise, tempo, tension, change, spirit and artistic visual sense.

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