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Zhang Ziqi was born in 1943 in Qinglian, Jiangyou, Sichuan Province. He is currently a member of the Chinese Artists Association, the Standing Committee of the Chinese Art Society, the Vice-President of Sichuan Fine Brushwork Painting Association, the Honorary President of Chengdu Contemporary Fine Brushwork Painting Association, the Consultant of Chengdu Fine Arts Association, the Vice-President and Director of the Academic Committee of Chengdu Chinese Painting Academy, the President of Sichuan Mohua Art Research Association, the President of Chengdu Figure Painting Association, and the Visitor of He is a professor, a researcher of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts and a special researcher of Sichuan Academy of Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting. His works have a very skilled expression of Chinese brush and ink. Whether his figure painting or landscape painting, he pays attention to the perfect combination of the appeal of brush and ink and the relationship between life. In the composition of tradition and modernity, he pays attention to conciseness, rhythm, tension, change, charm and visual sense of art, which can be said to be unique. His mind contains the beauty of heaven and earth, and his writing has its own changes. The beauty of freehand brushwork can not be overcome by Gay.

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