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The titles of Chinese ceramic artists, senior craftsmen, vice-chairmen of the International Chai Shao Ceramic Association, vice-chairmen of the Chinese Ceramic Carving Culture Research Association, judges of the National Ceramic Carving Art Evaluation, and experts of the Shandong Province's high-ranking craftsmanship and art evaluation.

His representative works are Mengzhi Duda, Innocence, Heyun Tiange and Leshui Leshan. For the first time, it has broken through the record of the highest national award of Shandong arts and crafts, won the "Hundred Flowers Cup" prize of Chinese arts and crafts, and won many gold medals. He has been invited to create gifts and art works for the President, Vice-President, Premier and State Councilor of the State Council. He has been invited to create friendly gifts for Chinese ambassadors and plenipotentiaries abroad on many occasions. He is known as a master of the art of national gifts.

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