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The State Council Government Special Allowance Expert, Member of China Musicians Association, Director of Sichuan Musicians Association and Vice-Dean of Music College of Sichuan Normal University

Member of the Academic Committee of Theoretical Composition of the Society of Music Education of the Chinese Society of Education, member of the Steering Committee of the Degree of Music and Dance of the Ministry of Education, member of the Resource Sharing Judge of the Ministry of Education, member of the Subject Group of the Sichuan Higher Judgement Committee, professor of the famous teaching teacher of Sichuan Normal University, etc. Since 1999, many books and textbooks have been published, and more than 50 bachelor's theses have been published. His works have won more than 60 awards at or above the provincial level. He has presided over the completion of the philosophical and Social Sciences Subject "Theory and Practice of Song Creation" of Gansu Provincial Department of Education, the Social Sciences Federation of Zhejiang Province, the development context and theoretical research of China's 100-year film music, and the excellent course "China's national folk music" of Sichuan Province. 》 "Musicology" Sichuan characteristic specialty, Sichuan Provincial Department of Education, "Red Army Long March Sichuan Song, Opera Research" and other important topics.

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