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The First Class Player of Chengdu Art Troupe; a well-known national erhu player; he also has Special government allowance of the State Council.

He was once the chief erhu player in China National Peking Opera Theatre and the vice president of Chengdu Zhanqi Singing and Dancing Company. He is now the counsellor of erhu department in China Music Association and also the honorary chairman of Sichuan Erhu Association. He once took the char of the judge in several international erhu competition. Jiang is one of the most well-achieved erhu player nationally and he and Min huifen is often called “Jiang in the north and Min in the south”. He played for several times for Chairman Mao and was praised as “the talented Jiang” by Zhou enlai. Jiang is a well-rounded and creative player. His unique erhu skills like “feigong”, “paogong”, and “shuangxian” are well-acknowledged by many experts. One thing unique about him is that despite his excellent erhu skills, he is modest and treats everyone kindly and was therefore awarded as one of the “Smashing Artists” by Sichuan Federation of Literary and Art.

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