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Professor, Master's Supervisor, Xi'an Conservatory of Music, Deputy Director of National Music Committee of China Musicians Association

Lu Rirong: Professor of Xi'an Conservatory of Music, supervisor of master's degree students, deputy director of National Music Committee of China Musicians Association, vice president of China National Orchestra Society, president of Shaanxi National Orchestra Society, art consultant of Shaanxi Opera and Dance Theatre National Symphony Orchestra. In nearly half a century of art education career, Lu and Japan integrated teaching, performance, creation and command into one. More than 150 erhu etudes, 20 solos, ensembles, plucked tunes, 20 national orchestral tunes and more than 10 works have been compiled, making important contributions to the establishment of "Qin Erhu School" and "Chang'an Music School". Among his students are Zhao Jiping, a famous Chinese musician, and Ji Xiping.

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