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Second-level playwright. Member of China Drama Association. Member of Sichuan Literary Federation, Member of Sichuan Opera Association and Visual Association, Executive Director of Sichuan Opera Art Research Association

Jin Naifan graduated from the Department of Directorship, Central Academy of Drama. In 1961, he was admitted to Chengdu Military Region Battle Flag Arts and Works Corps. In 1963, he was assigned to the Battle Flag Theatre Company as an actor. In 1976, he was the director of the choreography room of the drama troupe, and in 1985, he was the director of the choreography room. Creation, publication and performance of 8 large-scale dramas (including cooperation), of which "Peer Together" won the 6th Military Region Literature and Art Festival Creation First Prize. In addition, the one-act drama "The bell and the horn ringing together" won the excellent repertoire award of the Third Army Literature and Art Festival, and the sketch "Monk is Monk" won the Excellent Creation Award of the National Comedy Sketch TV Invitational Competition of "Sanyu Cup" of CCTV.

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