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The Top Ten Directors of Chinese TV Series, the Best Director of the 28th Venus Award of the PLA, and the Famous Film and Television Director

Liu Jiacheng was born in 1965 in Beijing. Major film and television works include "Iron Teeth and Copper Teeth Xiaolan" 1-3 "Silly Spring", "Sorghum Red", "Highland", "Where is My Home", "Rules Before Divorce", "Under the Gate of Zhengyang", "Natural Perfection", "My Second Brother and Second Sister-in-law", "Silly Pillar" and so on. With "Iron Teeth, Copper Teeth, Xiaolan 2" won the top ten directors of Chinese TV art. He won the 28th Venus Award for Best Director for Natural Perfection. "My Second Brother and Second Sister-in-law" won the Golden Angel Award for Chinese TV series at the China-US Film Festival and the National Ground Channel Television Contribution Award.

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