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Gildardo Zambrano Pantoja

Painting Artists in the Republic of Colombia

He was a painting artist, born in Narino, Colombia, in 1956, from where he began to create his works of art. Starting in 1983, he took a step in the painting art of Manizales in Colombia, initially painting on canvas. But his most striking work is his artistic creation, where he created concrete art, always full of vitality and sensational realism. These are the works of masters, who put it in the privileged position of the field of contemporary painting. His training was entirely self-taught, because he had no instructor and did not spend a minute in any painter's studio. His teachers are "art books and texts" and "masterpieces of universal painting". He believed that everything he had done on art had been achieved through constant practice. "Every painting completed is a priceless art lesson."

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