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Member of Sichuan Art Photographer Association

Ni Xiangke, male, born in 1962, is a native of Zaozhuang, Shandong Province. At present, he works in CNNC No.22 company. Appointment of people's daily city news online editor, CCTV (Wendao) column editor, deputy director of Chengdu Liaison Office of CCTV digital TV photography channel Member of Zhejiang Photographers Association of China, member of Sichuan Art Photography Association, chairman of Sichuan Station of China scenic spot photography network and reporter of China scenic spot photography network, vice chairman of Chengdu Club of China photography network and special lecturer of China photography network, member of China common Photographers Association, signed photographer of Chengdu classic culture Media Co., Ltd., Jiaxing photographer Member of the Association; has participated in international and domestic photography activities, with numerous awards and certificates; mainly shooting the theme of China nuclear power plant construction, the fourth exhibition and album of "chasing light and shadow" in the series of works, recording the brilliant construction history of Hainan Island Changjiang nuclear power plant.

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