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Famous flute performers and educators, judges of the 2009 CCTV National Instrumental Music Competition, judges of the 7th China Music Golden Bell Award, and judges of the 2012 National Instrumental Music Competition sponsored by the Ministry of Culture.

Professor Yi Jiayi was awarded the third prize of Sichuan Higher Education Achievement, the title of famous teacher of Sichuan Conservatory of Music, and the Outstanding Gardener Award of the Ministry of Culture in 2012. In recent years, several CDs and DVDs have been published, such as The Fruit of Autumn, Love of the Eagle, and The Sound of the Flute. Published several papers such as "Essence, Qi, Spirit in Wind Music Playing", "New Sound of Flute Source-Music Reform, Creation, Performance", "My Opinions on the Construction of National Orchestra", "Review and Prospect of Chinese Bamboo Flute Teaching in the Twentieth Century". Published also are "Flute Playing Techniques", "Chinese Flute and Xiao Playing Standard Catalogue", "Hulusi, Bawu Playing Standard Catalogue", "Chinese Bamboo Playing Standard Catalogue". Many monographs, such as Flute Performance Guide, Selected Classic Chinese Flute Music, Basic Principles and Courses of Ten-hole Bamboo Flute, etc.

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