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Georgi Terziev

Bulgarian artist

I was born in 1965 in the town of Plovdiv. I have been painting since early age and I still follow my inspiration thanks to the unlimited support and love of my parents. I graduated from the High Technical School for Carpentry and Interior Architecture in my hometown, majoring in wood carving. This was followed by two years of military service, after which I was admitted to the Higher Teachers Institute. Since my graduation in 1988 to present day I have been teaching art to middle- and high school pupils. In 1988 I got interested in Orthodox Christian icons. I started studying and mastering this artistic craft and in 1992 I was accepted as a regular member of the Fellowship of the Masters of Folk and Art Crafts of Bulgaria - specialty icon painting. To this date I have painted around 500 icons. In 1997, alongside with icon painting, I became also deeply fascinated by watercolor painting. It was exactly watercolor, which provided ground for my deep and most true artistic representation. Icons teach me work, discipline, perfectionism, perseverance, strong will and several other moral values and virtues. While watercolor sets me free and reaches the bottom of my heart and soul...

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