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Hai Nam Nguyen

Vietnamese artist

Born 1984 (October 7, 1984) in Hanoi, Viet Nam, Graduated from the Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts, (The Faculty of Industrial Design) in 2009. *I love nature, especially the color of the diferent fowers in which I like to paint the lotus fowers the most. The lotus fower has many meanings. It is viewed as a representation of spirituality according to the eastern culture, as a symbol of aspirations to rise towards the light, as the roots of the lotus fower has its roots in the mud but it grows in the upward direction. use oil and acrylic because with this medium I can express the diferent colors in the paintings quickly and not only tell my technique but can show the depth of my paintings. It also brings a warm feeling to the viewers. *2006-2009. Art collection in many countries around the world. * 2010 .ndividual exhibitions and usa groups-Minneapolis,MN,Usa Individual exhibitions and usa groups- Minneapolis,MN,Usa

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