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Du Yongqiao

master of sichuan oil painting

Du yongqiao (1934-2007), professor of sichuan academy of fine arts, master of sichuan oil painting. His life and paintings are recorded in several art historical documents, and the information of his death is recorded in the chronicle of Chinese art. In his youth, he became known as the "master of Oriental colors" and influenced the growth of several generations of painters with his profound skills and outstanding attainments in performance. His works were regarded as the classics of easel painting by his peers. In addition to his superb achievements in color, what is more rare is that his oil paintings in the middle and late periods integrated the spirit of Chinese calligraphy and painting into them, and the more he performed in the late scenes, the more incisively and vividly he performed. The eastern and western painting languages are completely different, but he successfully achieved the integration of the two, seamless; Moreover, when westerners praise his pure and authentic oil painting, Chinese people also praise his "national essence", which is rare in the history of Chinese oil painting.

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