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He is a famous tenor from Sichuan, winner of "Golden Bell Award", the highest award of Chinese music, and executive director of Chinese vocalists Association; Executive director of Sichuan Chorus Association, director of vocal music art committee

Member of Music Education Committee of Chinese society of higher education; Reserve candidates for academic and technological leaders in Sichuan Province; Member of Sichuan Youth Federation; Member of the Standing Committee of the Youth Federation of provincial organs; Member of China Musicians Association; Director of Sichuan Musicians Association; Director of Chengdu Musicians Association; Vice president of Music Committee of Chengdu education society; He won the first prize of Sichuan competition area and won the screen award of CCTV national young singers TV Grand Prix. Judges of the 3rd and 15th China Singapore International Music Competition; Judges of the 14th and 15th CCTV young singers TV Grand Prix in Sichuan Province; Judge of the first "bergongqi" international vocal music competition in Chengdu; Judges of the 9th and 10th China Music "Golden Bell Award" Sichuan competition area; Judge of the 54th voice of Verdi International Vocal Music Competition (China Division); Judge of the two Tokyo International vocal music competitions in 2017 and 2018.

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