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Gezien van de Riet

Master's degree in sociology, University of Amsterdam

Gezien Van de RIET is a very talented and motivated artist. He has obtained a master's degree in sociology from the University of Amsterdam and has taken a minor course in art history. These experiences are the reason why she later went to Bolivia. There, she interacted with the indigenous people, and many of the oil paintings and gouache paintings she created benefited from this experience. Later, she went to night school at La Paz art college, where she held her first painting exhibition. She is often interviewed by domestic media, radio and television, and was commissioned to make a mural by a new hospital near La Paz. She returned to Europe as a painter and was guided by Diederik kraaijpoel. She used to be a teacher and painter, and an important publisher of Art (post) modernism Her painting skills include oil painting, tempera painting and crayon painting.

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