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Founder of Yelin ink painting

Li was Born in 1939, Sichuan, China, a freelance painter. After more than 50 years of painstaking work, he creates "Rice Paper Painting" "Ye Lin Colored Chinese painting," a new type of school and painting, with innovation and painstaking efforts. Its unique aesthetic style and aspiring spiritual power shock people. A man, in his whole life, experiencing loneliness, and ups and downs, still adheres to intrinsic quality of the painter without bending knees to the conformity. No matter how tough the way is, he still bravely and formidably explores the beauty of art with his strong will. Although Li Yelin has been seventy years old, he has always kept the enthusiasm for creation and his pursuit of the painting career. His respect and love for the art of painting far exceeds his treasure to his life.

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