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Zheng Zhi

Member of China Photographers Association

He has been engaged in commercial photography for 39 years. He has won 40 awards and more than 100 awards at all levels in film exhibitions at home and abroad, especially in advertising film exhibitions. Now he is a member of China Photographers Association, American Professional Photographers Association, Director of Liaoning Photographers Association, Honorary President of Zhongshan Photographers Association. He has been appointed as Visiting Professor of Shenyang Aviation Industry Institute, Visiting Professor of Fine Arts Branch of Liaoning Economic Cadre Management College, and Professor of Photography of Shenyang Vocational and Technical College. In the 1980s, he studied painting and photography in Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. In the 1990s, he was engaged in photography in Liaoning Pictorial Press. He was awarded the 7th China Photography Golden Image Award, the 7th China Photography Golden Image Award, the PPA "World Outstanding Professional Photographer", the Pingyao International Photography Exhibition "Excellent Photographer", the 11th National Exhibition Golden Award, and the Chinese Photographers Association as the judges of the 2014 "Birch Cup" China Creative Photography Exhibition. Appoint. Member of Commercial Photography, China Photographers Association.

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