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Wenli Liu

American Chinese painter

Residing in the United States,Wenli was born in Beijing. She began a career as a journalist in China after graduating from college. Her real passion was art and this led to her enrolling in the San Francisco Academy of Art Institute. There, she became a graphic designer as well as mastering various techniques of painting. Fifteen years ago, she quit her job and focused exclusively on painting. She began her life as a full-time artist rendering works in the classical style. From the classical, she moved to contemporary art, fantasies, modern depictions filled with life's contradictions and conveying the inner world, the very soul of women. Into this fascinating style she added poignant, melancholy fables. When you have had the pleasure of enjoying her paintings notice the mixture of genres, from realism to expressionism, and symbols signifying surrealism. Her paintings have been exhibited and honored in North America and her dream of becoming a well-known artist unique in her style has come true.

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