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Classic Art Celebrity Forum is a large high-end art forum, which is supported by National Centre for the Performing Arts, China Art, Chengdu Women’s Federation, Chengdu Literature and Arts Association, Chengdu Qingyang District Culture and Sports Broadcasting and Television and Tourism Bureau, and many other units. Its aim is to highlight the themes of the times, disseminate positive energy, promote classic art, improve artistic aesthetics and guide a healthy lifestyle. We invite celebrities with enormous impact in music, performance, dance, instrument, calligraphy and painting, literature, photography and other fields to talk about and popularize art. Currently there has been many top celebrities giving a speech, such as Wang Meng (former Minister of Ministry of Culture), Chen Xiaoguang (former Deputy Minister of Ministry of Culture), Fu Gengchen (Honorary Chairman of Chinese Musicians Association), Xu Peidong (famous composer), Zhou Tao (famous compere), Qiao Zhen (Master of Language Magic), Chen Gang (composer who composed Liangzhu), Shen Peiyi (famous dancer), Fan Jingma (Tenor), Yao Hong (Soprano), Zhu Xianmin (documentary photographer), Liu Jin (famous performing artist) and so on. There are so many celebrities who have received overwhelming response from all sectors of society and thousands of art lovers, and reported by China Art, West China City Daily, Sichuan Daily, Chengdu Commercial Daily, Sichuan Radio and Television News and many other Medias. Now Celebrity Forum has become the most famous art forum in Chengdu, and we devote ourselves to build Celebrity Forum into the most professional, authoritative and influential art forum in China.

Past review

2017.10.28 rostrum 2017 seventeenth phase Teacher Lin

Lecture time: Oct 28, 2017

2017.10.14 2017 sixteenth phase teacher Chen Xiaoguang

Lecture time: Oct 14, 2017

2017.9.23 2017 fifteenth Suzhou teacher famous pulpit

Lecture time: Sep 23, 2017

2017.9.9 famous family rostrum 2017 fourteenth phase Qiu Qiming

Lecture time: Sep 09, 2017

2017.8.19 famous family rostrum 2017 thirteenth phase He Daxin

Lecture time: Aug 19, 2017