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1. Add the goods to the shopping cart, click to settle, on the "Order Settlement page" page Click "Invoice Information" next to "modify", you can modify the type of invoice (ordinary invoices, value-added tax invoices), the invoice (personal, company), invoice content, invoice header content can not be empty.
2. The invoice amount cannot be higher than the actual amount paid for the order.
3. In order to enjoy the warranty service provided by the manufacturer, please issue the merchandise invoice as a detail; the invoice content defaults to the full name of the product you ordered, and the invoice content can be modified when the order is submitted.
4. One order corresponds to a free text invoice.
5. If the receipt of invoices, if found to be caused by the sale of corporate causes of bills, content or error, please contact the customer service staff within 60 days from the date of invoicing to arrange for you to deal with the invoice matters, round-trip courier costs by the responsible party.
6. Please contact customer service for details.