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Registration Agreement

Welcome to Chengdu Classic Culture Communication Co., Ltd. ("the Company") through its Web site http://www.clatia.com ("Classic Network") provided by the Internet and mobile network related services ("Web Services").

This service agreement ("This Agreement") is applicable to all network services provided by the user using the classic net. In the registration process, the user clicks on the "consent" button, which means that the user fully accepts all the terms under this agreement.

Please read "This agreement" carefully before accessing and using the network service provided by "Classic Network", and the network service provided by the user to visit or use "Classic net" will be regarded as the user's consent and be bound by the terms of "this Agreement". The user cannot, without reading "This agreement" or any misunderstanding of "this agreement", assert that "this agreement" shall be invalid or require the revocation of "this Agreement".

1. Revise

"Classic Net" has the right to modify any of the terms of this agreement at any time. Once the "classic network" modifies any of the terms of this agreement, the classic net will provide a link to the latest version (including its effective date) on the website. "Classic Network" encourages users to regularly browse the "this agreement."

If the user does not accept changes to the "This Agreement", users can immediately stop using the "Classic net" network services. If the user continues to use the network service of "Classic net" after modification of the terms "this Agreement", the user shall be deemed to accept the modification of "this Agreement".

2. Privacy Statement and other special provisions

Protecting user's privacy according to law is the basic policy of "classic remittance net". The "Classic net" privacy statement applicable to the user constitutes part of "This Agreement", contains the following: When users browse the "classic net" site, "Classic net" to collect what information to users, "classic network" will be how to use this information, "Classic network" will be the circumstances of the disclosure of such information and the choice of the user.

Some of the specific services provided by the classic network may also apply to other special provisions. "Classic sinks" will provide users with specific services to the user or on the relevant pages to publish these special terms, please users in the use of the relevant specific services to read carefully before. Users who use the relevant specific services will be deemed to be bound by the user's consent and acceptance of these special terms. If there is any conflict between the special terms and the provisions of this Agreement, the provisions of the special clause shall prevail.

3. Registration and Login Control

User registration must provide accurate registration information, after registration if changes should be updated in a timely manner. After the successful registration of the user, "classic net" will set an account for the user, the user will be able to set the appropriate password. The account and password are kept by the user, the user should be responsible for all the activities of their account.

"Classic NET" website any account number is "Classic net" property, after the user completes registration, only obtains the relevant account number the right of use, the user may only for the personal and the non-commercial purpose uses this account number, may not assign the account number, rents, the gift to any third party or inherits.

4. Intellectual property rights;

All information (including but not limited to any text, pictures, audio, video, etc.) contained in the network services provided by "Classic Network" and any software used for the service are protected by intellectual property and other relevant laws. Users can only use the network services of classic sinks for personal and non-commercial purposes. In addition to the purpose of using the "Classic net" service, the user may not reproduce, forward or otherwise use any of the information contained in the network services provided by the "Classic net" without the prior written consent of the "Classic Network".

If the user wishes to copy, forward, or otherwise use any content or work of the classic Web site, please contact the Classic network: http://www.clatia.com/

"This agreement" does not authorize the user to use "Classics net" any trademark, the service mark and the domain name.

5. Legal complaints

"Classic Network" respect the user's intellectual property rights.

If the user thinks that any content or work of "classic Net" website infringes the copyright of the user, trademarks or other legitimate rights, please contact the following means to lodge a complaint and provide relevant evidence (including the identity of the user and users of the disputed content has legal title or authorization of the certificate, etc.), "Classic Net" will take appropriate measures as soon as possible. The contact method of "Classic net" is as follows: http://www.clatia.com/

6. User upload Information

Some of the "classic sinks" services allow users to upload information (including but not limited to any text, images, audio, and video) to the classic Web site. When a user uploads this information, the user is also irrevocably authorized to use this information permanently for free, including but not limited to copying, modifying, editing, publishing, translating, disseminating, performing, displaying, and creating derivative content. For example, the "Classic Network" may be published in the content of the website of the user authorized to sign the formal cooperation agreement of the partner reprint, and indicate the user nickname and from the "Classic network." The user is guaranteed to have legal ownership or authorization of the information it uploads and has the right to grant "classic net" permanent free use of this information. "Classic Net" respects the user's ownership of the uploaded information, but when the user deletes an uploaded message, "Classic sinks" still has the right to continue using the upload information.

The information uploaded by the user shall not be defamatory or violate any laws or regulations or infringe upon the lawful rights of any third party. Unless otherwise required by the "classic net" or the laws and regulations, "classic network" is not obligated to monitor the upload of information, not to upload information to any user is responsible for the deletion or storage failure, nor to the user upload information caused by any reputation or property loss is responsible.

If the requirements of the government departments or "classic network" found that the user suspected infringement of other people's intellectual property rights or other legitimate rights and interests, "Classic Network" has the right to the government departments or the right to disclose all the user registration information and the "Classic network" site use.

7. Third party content and advertising

The classic web site sometimes provides third-party content or links to third-party websites. "Classic Net" does not review, evaluate or agree to these third-party content or links. The user should judge the content or links of the third party, and take all the risks arising from the use. The "Classic net" does not guarantee or assume any responsibility for the content or links of these third parties.

The user agrees that "classic net" has the right to play advertisements or provide other business information in various ways in the course of providing network services.

8. Charging Service

"Classic Network" to provide fee-based services, users will be prompted, only when the user is prompted to confirm the consent of the service related to the purchase and payment terms, users can use the charging service. If the user does not agree to the relevant purchase and payment terms, then "Classic Network" has the right not to provide users with the fee service.

Where the user uses the charge service, the payment obligation shall be fulfilled in accordance with the purchase and payment terms of the service.

9. Legal use

Classic network services are designed to provide users with a specific layout and style of content. Do not use the "classic net" content and service through other channels and portals without the agreement of "Classic net". Users use the "Classic net" network services, must comply with all services related to the People's Republic of China laws and regulations, not through the "Classic Net" network services to implement or help others to implement the following behavior:

(a) Violations of laws, regulations or public interests and public morals;

(b) Violations of the legitimate interests of the "classic net", including, but not limited to, the publication of commercial advertisements or informational bulletins without the permission of the "Classic Network";

(c) Infringement of any other third party's intellectual property rights or any other lawful rights and interests;

(d) Any act that may adversely affect the normal functioning of the "classic net" Internet or mobile network service;

(e) Uploading, transmitting or otherwise disseminating procedures or information containing viruses or other hazards to the normal functioning of the computer's soft and hardware devices;

(f) Upload, transmit or otherwise disseminate any defamatory, false, abusive, intimidating, obscene or otherwise unlawful information.

"Classic Net" has the right to the user to use the "Classic NET" network services for real-time review and supervision. If a user is suspected of violating any of the above provisions in the use of "Classic net" network services, "Classic network" has the right to unilaterally determine whether the user has violated any of the above provisions, and take corrective action, delete the content uploaded by users, suspend or terminate the user's right to use the service.

10. Website use and account deletion

If the "classic net" unilaterally determines that the user violates the "this agreement" or violates the applicable laws and regulations, "classic net" can limit the user to use "Classic net" Network service or delete the user's account and the related content and information in the account without notice. The "Classic net" does not take any responsibility for the loss suffered by the user. If the user does not agree to this service agreement, the user should immediately stop using the "Classic net" network services.

In addition to specific services applicable to special terms and conditions, such as the user in the "Classic Net" website registered account in any consecutive 90 days did not actually use, then the "Classic network" line to delete the account and stop to provide the relevant network services to the user.

Users understand that the use of the "classic" network services provided by any equipment (such as computers, mobile phones) and the payment of any fees (such as taxes, internet fees, mobile phone fees), and so on, are the user's own commitment.

If for any reason, "classic net" restricts the user to use the network service or deletes the user to use the account and the related content and the information in the account, "the classic remit net" has the right to continue to use the related content and the information.

11. Compensation for breach of contract

If the "Classic network" violates the relevant laws, regulations or "this Agreement" the provisions of the user caused losses, "classic net" should be liable for compensation.

If the user violates the relevant laws, regulations, any provision under this Agreement or any commitment to a third party, and to the "Classic network" or any other third person to cause losses, the user agrees to bear the damage caused by the liability, and ensure that "classic net" will not suffer any loss.

12. Disclaimer; Limitation of liability

"Classic Net" and users agree and hereby confirm:

Users use the "classic network" services exist in all the risks and consequences of their own commitment, "Classic network" to the user does not bear any responsibility, do not make any form of Internet services express or implied declaration or guarantee.

"Classic Network" does not guarantee timely, safe, accurate and reliable service. "Classic Network" has the right to change, interrupt or terminate some or all of the network services, delete the user's account without notice, without any responsibility to the user and any third person. Users use the "Classic net" network services should bear the risk. In the case of charging service, the "Classic net" shall notify the user in advance of the change, interruption or termination, and refund the overcharged service charge to the user according to the actual use of the service by the user. But for force majeure, "classic net" can not control the reason or the station normal equipment maintenance upgrades caused by Network service interruption, "classic net" does not assume any responsibility.

For any content and information transmitted via "Classic net" service, "classic net" does not guarantee correctness and completeness, "classic net" is not responsible for any of the above content and information, users use any of the above content and information, should bear the risk, "classic net" Have the right to decide whether or not to delete or retain any of the above contents and information.

13. Use of law; Dispute resolution

The law of the PRC shall apply to the conclusion, execution, interpretation and dispute settlement of this agreement.

Any dispute relating to this agreement or arising out of "This Agreement" shall, as far as possible, be settled through friendly negotiation, and neither party may bring a lawsuit to the "company" registered people's court.

14. Other

"Classic net" may through the website announcement, the email, the mobile phone text message or other way informs the user related matters, for example "Classics net" service change, "This agreement" the modification or the privacy Statement modification and so on, please promptly updates your contact method (especially the email).

Any notice issued by the "Classic net" and all kinds of rules constitute part of "This agreement" and shall be deemed to have been delivered to the addressee and entered into force on the date of publication of the "Classic Net" website. If the user continues to use the "classic net" service after the notification and various rules have been sent or published, it shall be deemed to be the content of the user's consent to the notice or rule. If the user for any reason did not read the relevant notice or rules, "classic net" does not bear any consequences arising therefrom.

"This agreement" constitutes a complete agreement between the parties as to the terms of this agreement and other relevant matters, replacing the other agreements reached between the "classic net" and the user on the above matters.

If any of the terms of this agreement are invalid, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain in force.

Any right not to exercise "this agreement" by the "classic net" does not constitute a waiver of the foregoing rights.