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After sale buyer's notice

About Purchase:

1. Online Order: Choose favorite Works-Put in shopping cart/BUY now-submit orders-contact customer service

2. Online customer service order: Contact customer service for timely consultation and exchange

3. E-Mail subscription: Will you are interested in the name of the work, your request for the work sent to: 2670395177@qq.com

About Freight:

1. Goods are handmade handicrafts, the production of time-consuming, confirmed payment after the classic transfer of light and shadow promised to draw the core spot within three days of delivery, framed system: 3-7 days delivery (please contact with customer service before purchase)

2. Send the default logistics, unless you have special requirements for express. (The specific postage according to the relevant postal or courier company's specified price calculation)

3. Store for the entity shop online, classic sinks in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China Qingyang District People's Middle Road, 11th Sports Center, West Gate, Chengdu, Sichuan convenient door-to-door customers to the on-site delivery, more wonderful photographic works for your choice, need to pick up the customer please contact us, we sincerely welcome your patronage. Landline: 028-86662262

Product Acceptance:

All goods will undergo three inspection before packing to confirm the quality. Please be sure to pay attention to the inspection before signing, if found damaged, please immediately refused to sign and contact us customer service, we will immediately help you contact Express liability compensation. If the sign after the complaint, please contact the first time customer service, we will give you a satisfactory answer.


That is, the confirmation receipt date, the purchase of goods picture frame is not man-made fault warranty one year, life-long cost price maintenance replacement box side, postage buyers bear

Return and replacement processing:

1. Application: Notify the Customer service center by telephone or online, and submit your return application; Landline: 028-86662262

2. Upload photos: The returned works and packaging photos, to send messages to customer service processing. Photo Requirements clear, the proportion of normal, external packaging photos, waybill photos, the overall picture of the work, the damaged part of the photo.

3. Send back the goods: After the confirmation of the customer, the work will be sent within 2 days to also specify the delivery address. (Works and packaging intact, the corresponding gift complete, together with the collection of public certificates and distribution list, such as a return)

* Mall does not receive "express each other pay" distribution method;

* Please do not carry cash in the return package as a mailing fee.

4. Logistics Center Inspection: After receiving your goods, the inspection in line with the return of the provisions, will be for you to deal with returns, if not, we have the right to direct rejection.

* Classics of the sale of all works for the photographer in kind, according to each monitor pixel and contrast produced online works pictures and physical color slightly visual differences, belong to the normal color difference, not the quality of the work.

* We will refund/replacement service as soon as possible after receiving your return, please wait patiently.

5. Confirm Refund: Distribution error/appearance quality problem resulting in refund, after receiving the returned goods and inspection, we will refund the payment to you in full within 7 working days, that is, if the order is paid by bank telegraphic transfer and returned by bank account, the payment is returned to your payment card if the order is paid online.